Bridging the gap between science and natural innovation; we deliver supplements made from real, organic foods - without binders, fillers, flavourings and unpronounceable ingredients.  

How It Works

Social Responsibility

Our Philosophy

We like to stick with what we know best. Science. We follow tried and tested vitamin formulations, then simply remove all fillers and replace the processed active ingredients with organic foods.

Up to 50% of the ingredients in traditional supplements are fillers, chemicals and preservatives. Removing every unnecessary component means every ingredient in our formulas is active.

We use solely foods to deliver each nutrient, this means we deliver Vitamin C in the form of Organic Baobab fruit from the African jungle (rather than from synthetic ascorbic acid) and bio available Magnesium from Organic Peruvian Maca root (rather than manufactured Magnesium Aspartate)

We are a luxury brand without environmental concession. From responsible ingredient sourcing to limiting the use of plastic across the range, we want to prove that ethical doesn’t mean compromise.

Eat real food and drink real coffee When you can’t, take our supplements. Your first source of nutrition should be through real, unprocessed, food. When you slip up, we’re here to help redress the balance.