My Formula: Misha Nonoo

My Formula: Misha Nonoo

The British fashion designer on owning her own company + sustainability.

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“Whenever people say, “Life is short,” I always say, “No! Life is long!” or at least it should be. That’s the approach I take to my health. While I indulge when I want to, I’m pretty good about looking after myself so I can feel my best.

Finding balance in life is important. I often travel to London for work which helps break up the New York whirlwind and allows me to see family and many of my friends. I also discovered meditation which has now become an all-important part of my daily routine. Starting each morning with 20 minutes of dedicated time to myself helps me focus for the day ahead.

Running my own company was always on my radar and design was the only career I ever considered. I love creating things so clothing design was a natural step for me. The aim of Misha Nonoo is and always has been simplicity. By creating our Easy 8 collection and wardrobe kits, they entirely focus on a simplified wardrobe that makes women’s lives easier. The women I design for are constantly on the go leading busy lives, both personally and professionally, and getting dressed every morning should be as simple as possible. The Easy 8 is eight classic pieces that can be mixed and matched for 22 different outfits, that can all be worn from 9 am to 9 pm, covering the school run, the office, and date nights.

As sustainability is one of our core values, we’re constantly working on our commitments to this. So far, we’ve eliminated any waste from our manufacturing process which means when an order is placed, those pieces are made just for that customer. This means there’s no excess stock leftover which has an enormous environmental benefit. We’ll also be launching a big initiative to be zero-plastic this year.

When it comes to sustainability in my life, I try to avoid plastic wherever I can and always take the time to find out where the products I buy come from and how they’re made. I strongly believe that having a sustainable lifestyle is just as key. I wish I could take my own advice as I’m terrible at this, but taking an evening for yourself is sometimes invaluable for your wellbeing.”

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