Lack of Sleep Isn't Why You’re Tired

Lack of Sleep Isn't Why You’re Tired

The surprising reasons behind fatigue.

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If you often find yourself googling ‘why do I always feel tired?’, then you’ve probably exhausted all of the usual remedies. 

More caffeine in the AM.

More sleep in the PM. 

But feeling fatigued isn’t just down to getting your nightly 8 hours. It’s more complex than that.

According to the NHS, one of the most common reasons people book a doctor’s appointment is unexplained tiredness. So, if you’re done with fatigue, scroll for the science-backed solutions to prevent the 3pm energy slump. 

1. You need more iron
Iron is the #1 mineral deficiency in the world. Think of this mineral as a battery for the body. It produces hemoglobin (a protein in red blood cells) which is needed to transport oxygen around the body. It’s why low iron levels can leave us feeling sluggish.

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2. You’re skipping breakfast
A recent study found that students who ate breakfast before school had better academic results than those who didn’t. Breakfast kickstarts metabolism, balances blood sugar and powers our bodies and brains for the day ahead. If you struggle to eat first thing, try sipping on one of our smoothie recipes, or if you’re short on time, prep our overnight oats recipe.

3. You’re lacking B12
Vitamin B12 is usually found in meat, fish and eggs - not ideal for vegan diets. But it’s essential for a healthy nervous system, which keeps all of the automatic functions of the body working optimally, like breathing and waking up. When we’re low on B12, the body has fewer blood cells, which we need to transport oxygen to our internal organs.

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4. You’re stressed
Stress is the ultimate energy zapper. When we’re feeling stressed, the hypothalamus in the brain releases cortisol, known as the stress hormone, which kickstarts the body’s fight or flight mode. It can also cause us to use up more glucose in the brain, usually needed to maintain energy throughout the day, making us feel more tired.

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5. Your immunity is low
Extreme tiredness or ongoing fatigue can be a sign of low immunity. When we’re run down, we’re more susceptible to illness and the cycle feels constant. Vitamin C has been proven to support natural immunity, increasing white blood cell count to rebuild the body’s defenses and protect against infection.

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6. You’ve got brain fog
When we’re struggling to concentrate, moving energy back towards focus can feel like an impossible task, increasing lethargy. MULTI MUSHROOM COMPLEX boosts focus and concentration, clearing brain fog so you feel more energized.

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