Magnesium Unpacked – Choosing The Right Magnesium Supplement

Magnesium Unpacked – Choosing The Right Magnesium Supplement

Here’s how to decode the vitamin aisle.

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The case for magnesium is simple—it plays a key role in over 300 diverse biochemical reactions in the body, but knowing which magnesium supplement to choose can be surprisingly difficult. For those who have attempted this intimidating task, you may have noticed that not all magnesium is created equal—there’s one type for improved digestion, another for brain health, one to improve sleep, and on and on.

To help you decode your vitamin aisle, we’ve created a guide to all things magnesium. We may all agree this is an important supplement to have in rotation, but the question remains—which one?

FOR DIGESTION: Magnesium Citrate
Feeling a little backed up? Look for magnesium citrate. Taken orally, it comes as a liquid and works to eliminate waste while relaxing your bowels to deliver a gentle laxative effect.

FOR COGNITIVE FUNCTION: Magnesium threonate
Magnesium threonate has been linked to improving overall mental health + well-being by improving cognition, learning and memory. It’s a great choice for those wanting to maintain their cognitive health in their old age—it also works to promote relaxation and sleep.

FOR SLEEP: Magnesium glycinate
It’s no secret many of us have difficulties with sleep. Along with other well known remedies like limiting screen time before bed, taking magnesium glycinate can induce muscle relaxation and ease anxiety, which in turn helps to improve sleep. Available in capsules, take these in the evening with food.  

Muscle tension and cramps are both uncomfortable and disruptive. Commonly used as a topical treatment, magnesium chloride is best for post-workout muscle recovery and to relieve tension. Used in our Magnesium Ease, we blend magnesium chloride, lavender and arnica oil, to aid relaxation, reduce muscle tension and help ease tension. Pro tip for females: it also works well to ease monthly cramping.

FOR ENERGY: Magnesium malate
For an energy boost, take magnesium malate in the morning. It’s a combination of malic acid and magnesium so these capsules will improve your muscle performance + minimize fatigue after exercise.

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