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A topical + ingestible solution for hair growth for thick, healthy hair that’s full of body.

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Since using the Growth Collection, my hair feels thicker and weightier and my scalp is much healthier.

It has increased my confidence and self esteem!


After using the Growth collection for 90 days

There’s been fast and even hair growth throughout my entire head. My scalp health has greatly increased: no soreness when my hair is up, and no irritation or dryness at the scalp. My hair overall feels and looks super healthy and is very easy to manage on a consistent basis.


After using SUPA_THICK twice a week for 90 days

At least five people have told me that my hair has grown! My hair feels thicker, and I have less need to wash it as my scalp is cleaner and healthier. I have increased confidence in my appearance and self esteem.


After using GROWTH PHASE and SUPA_THICK for 90 days

Love this stuff! It’s amazing!

My hair has changed so much in just 5 months after years of no change. No more breakage or shedding. My hair is soft, thick and shiny.


After using supa_thick for 5 months

  • After using supa_thick for 5 months

  • I haven’t had my hair this long in years and it’s given me a confidence boost. I didn’t really believe that supplements could make such a change before. My mind has been changed.

  • My hair is growing SO much faster than it normally does, and I have new growth all over my head. My shedding has significantly reduced too.



Stress releases cortisol which can push hair follicles into a “resting” (telogen) phase, causing shedding and a lack of new hair to occur.

Hair follicles need a constant supply of nutrients (such as B-Vitamins, Biotin, Vitamin C, D and K) to grow and function properly due to high cell turnover.

Hormonal imbalances such as thyroid issues can affect our follicles, leading to hair loss, lack of growth and thin, dry, brittle hair.

Oxidative stress from the environment can cause free radical damage, blocking hair growth and increasing hair loss.

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*In consumer trials, after 90 days


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*In consumer trials, after 90 days

Maximum support for your hair

Ingestible and topical hair care for total root-to-tip hair health.


How can we help?

Yes, it is suitable for all hair types.

Supa_Thick contains clinically studied ingredients to help stimulate hair growth and reduce hair shedding. With consistent and prolonged use, Supa_Thick may help with postpartum hair loss, although results may vary. 

GROWTH PHASE is a nutritional supplement to support hair growth and improve overall hair health. With consistent use, GROWTH PHASE may help with postpartum hair loss. However, if you are breastfeeding please seek advice from your medical professional before use. We recommend checking with your doctor or medical professional before taking any supplements when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Yes, the product contains ingredients to calm and gently exfoliate the scalp which can reduce the appearance of dandruff. In addition, our clinically studied probiotic extract has been proven to visibly reduce dandruff in just 14 days. 

Yes, however we’d recommend checking with your doctor or medical professional before taking any supplements when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Supa _Thick is a mild formula with no harsh ingredients and should be fine to incorporate in your daily hair care routine. GROWTH PHASE targets the hair follicle before it has left the scalp and should be fine to incorporate in your daily hair care routine. If you’re using any prescription scalp or hair products, please check with your doctor or medical provider before using.

Male hair loss and balding is caused by a host of complex hormonal and hereditary issues. The Growth Collection is not designed for male pattern hair loss.

We recommend using The Growth Collection for at least 12 weeks to start seeing a change in your hair which will improve with consistent and prolonged use. Results may vary.